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 How to download Flash Videos from YouTube.

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How to download Flash Videos from YouTube. Empty
PostSubject: How to download Flash Videos from YouTube.   How to download Flash Videos from YouTube. Icon_minitimeFri Oct 02, 2009 2:03 pm

How to download Flash Videos (.flv files) from YouTube.

Method 1. Download using a WebSite.

There are several YouTube download websites, but some have lots of popups or surveys you need to fill out.

The best ones, with no popups, are.....

All you need to do is go to the video on YouTube and Copy the ULR onto clipboard.
Then go to the site and Paste the ULR into the space provided.
Then follow the sites instructions. You then, usually, need to rename the download as it may just be called video.flv

Method 2. Use The Internet Explorer Toolbar add-in.

This is my favorite method because its for lazy people and the toolbar is free.

Download and setup the toolbar from here...

Now in IE you will see the new toolbar. As you listen to Videos on YouTube they are downloaded for you.

Now press the Record button on the tool bar to see all your temporary downloads....

Now just highlight the one you want and press save. (dont forget to delete them from the record table after you save them).

Playing the FLV files.

I use the FLV player to watch them.... get it here free.....

There are several other FLV players you can get free too, I have not found a way to play them on windows media player , but if you use a different media player, it may play FLVs.

Have fun creature2
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How to download Flash Videos from YouTube.
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