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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Forum Rules Icon_minitimeFri Nov 06, 2009 10:57 am

§ 1 Use the search function of the Help forum before you postet!

In the upper right corner on the main page you will find the "Search"Buttons:
By clicking on the "Search"Button you come to the search. The feel of the search is really self-explanatory. A little practice and you will find very quickly the required information. The search for words with less than 3 characters is disabled because otherwise the database is claimed to be very .
Use the search function is highly recommended, as it very quickly and it is therefore possibly Infomationen receives no need to open new thread, or can respond to the existing post.

§ 2 only in the right forum posting (on topic)!

Postings may be created only ON toppic in these forums, it must be chosen the appropriate sub-or sub forums, post in the main forums and subforums, which contain more subforums is not allowed.

The help forum is divided into 5 major forums and on the basis of these in a variety of sub-and sub-forums. The sequence and the titles of the forums are designed so that one first, the overview and the other reserves immediately know what topics will be discussed in the various fields.

In order to post this survey and therefore your contributions are not lost, it is imperative that posts in the correct sub forums that posts in the main forums and subforums are taboo to place because there is always a possibility that your own topic. If ye are not sure that helps also use the search function.

But it should be unexpectedly times really find a suitable forum, there is a forum where such questions are collected and this can be identified by his name.

§ 3 No double posts! Not even in different forums!

It is not desirable that one and the same is double posted in a forum. Even the posts in various forums with the same content ( "crossposting") is not allowed. If there is indeed responded to both threads, the information is distributed. Moreover, when crossposting at least a thread in the proper forum (ie, not on topic).

In general, postings are really not so important that they must be posted in various forums. Resist against this rule will lead to a warning. Spamming leads to exclusion from the forum!

§ 4 for a new posting always heard a meaningful title.

This point should actually be understood by itself. The title of the thread is like a headline in a newspaper. With its help, you can select whether the content of the postings for one is relavant or not, and only allows you to find or retrieving relevant articles using the search function.

Titles such as: "Search ..."," Please help me! "," I have a problem! "," Please be sure to read! " or "What do you think?" should be taboo. Another title, which should only make you curious are avoided.

Repeated oppose against this rule results in a warning.

§ 5 If you want to personally contact a member, send an email or a PN (Private Message).

The forum is intended for information of general interest. Private communication on the forum is not allowed. The forum has the versatility PN)-function (private messages.

Note: The PN-function is only available to users when they have written 20 posts in the forum. Spamming or Sinnfreie postings are not allowed to reach this number.

By clicking on the user's upper left (in the post left mouse button) will open the pulldown menu:
After clicking the item "Send a private message to xxx" You can write your PN. Also a member's profile that provides the ability to send directly to a PN.

Incoming PN are reported usually with POP-UP window. If this is not the case, the display of new PN in the control center, if you've enabled this function, you can arrange to inform by email.

PNs can also be read at any time by clicking on "Inbox" in the Control Panel.
If the PN function should be turned off once, you can communicate privately via email.

Therefore the user can click the top left of the post (left mouse button), it will open the pulldown menu.
After clicking send the item entitled "An e-mail to xxx" You can compose your email.

Note: Each member can leave the PN or email function itself. Then the member would probably not be contacted. Even then, private communication via the forum is not allowed.

Postings such as "@ XYZ" or "XYZ get in touch again" lead to a warning!

§ 6 pornographic content will not be tolerated on this forum!

Contents of this type are not allowed on the forum.

Since we have many members and visitors under 18 years and subject to the minors. Since we have built no possibility of revision of age, we can not tolerate this type of content. There are plenty of other forums that deal exclusively with this topic. Resist against this rule will lead to a warning!
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Forum Rules
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