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 Form of your application

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Form of your application Empty
PostSubject: Form of your application   Form of your application Icon_minitimeSat Sep 12, 2009 10:51 pm

Things you need to have a Chance:
- 5 Posts (active at forum and also ingame)
- Min. 13 Years old
- Members of -AoN- should know you.
- If you didn't wrote a Apply like this with your First one, you will have a less chance to get in with your second.
Don't Play on HCS Server!

Form of your application Star3 Every player is required to supply information, copy the questions or use the question numbers to reply;

1--What is ur savage name?
2--Whats your first name?
3-- Whats your origin? Where do you live? And what languages do you speak?
4--How old/young are you?
5--If an AoN member asked you to visit the forum, mention his/her name and mention other members you already know. (not just saw them once)
6--What other clans have you been in/are you in any now? Or do you have any clan experience as in participation in trainings/pugs.
7--How long have you played savage?
8--What times do you normally play?
9--Which server (or servers) is your favourite?
10--How much time do you play a week?
11--What could make you angry when playing savage?
12--What are your strong points in savage, where you are really proud off.
13--Whats your weakness, what do you have to improve, beast/human/comm?)
14--Why we should pick you?
15--And why did you pick us?

Form of your application Star3 Some extra informations that is always welcome:
--Do you have a positive or negative K/d ratio? Share how much?
--Your commander wins/losses stats?
--Total hours played?
--Will you leave directly after 1-4 weeks or can we get sure that you stay in?
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Form of your application
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