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 Form of your application

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PostSubject: Form of your application   Sat Sep 12, 2009 10:51 pm

Things you need to have a Chance:
- 5 Posts (active at forum and also ingame)
- Min. 13 Years old
- Members of -AoN- should know you.
- If you didn't wrote a Apply like this with your First one, you will have a less chance to get in with your second.
Don't Play on HCS Server!

Every player is required to supply information, copy the questions or use the question numbers to reply;

1--What is ur savage name?
2--Whats your first name?
3-- Whats your origin? Where do you live? And what languages do you speak?
4--How old/young are you?
5--If an AoN member asked you to visit the forum, mention his/her name and mention other members you already know. (not just saw them once)
6--What other clans have you been in/are you in any now? Or do you have any clan experience as in participation in trainings/pugs.
7--How long have you played savage?
8--What times do you normally play?
9--Which server (or servers) is your favourite?
10--How much time do you play a week?
11--What could make you angry when playing savage?
12--What are your strong points in savage, where you are really proud off.
13--Whats your weakness, what do you have to improve, beast/human/comm?)
14--Why we should pick you?
15--And why did you pick us?

Some extra informations that is always welcome:
--Do you have a positive or negative K/d ratio? Share how much?
--Your commander wins/losses stats?
--Total hours played?
--Will you leave directly after 1-4 weeks or can we get sure that you stay in?
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Form of your application
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